Friday, October 31, 2014

Where did this girl come from?

Last night she went to a little Halloween thing with our neighbors.
She was so excited to go without Mommy and Daddy.
She couldn't wait to be picked up so she sat outside on our front steps to wait.
Neal sat down with her and she looked up at him and said, "Dad how was work, oh wait, I mean, how was class?" 
After he answered she asked, "And how was that other thing?" 
"The bank?" Neal responded. 
"Yes, the bank. How was the bank Dad?"

I think she grew up over night. 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

We love our home. We are learning to love our home. Not love like "we love tacos", "we love our new car" or "we love our new house". No. Love like greater has no man than this than he who lays his life down for his friend. Love like perfect love casts out all fear. Love from Jesus - because He is the only one who can change hearts, He is the only one who truly breaks down barriers, He is the only one who holds us together. I've never been more aware of my need for this love. 

It's been such an interesting few months for me. I grew up on the animals and all : ) I'm not a city girl, though I've liked to pretend I might be one over the years. There are a million places in the world that are more risky than where I live but it was still a massive adjustment for me and I still struggle with fear, especially if I'm home alone. But let's be real, what are we doing if we're not becoming more like Jesus? What are we doing if we're not depending on Him, abiding in Him, and seeking His presence? I'm not perfect at this but if I sit down and really think about it I'm thankful for an opportunity to see Jesus in a place where I never would have looked before. I'm thankful for an opportunity to have false mindsets challenged. I'm thankful for an opportunity to trust and abide. So often we think incorrect things without realizing it. I'm thankful for Jesus, the ever faithful, ever gentle, ever meek one who constantly loves and holds my heart as I learn to think, act and love differently. 

This is a beautiful place. These are beautiful people. Is it messy? Yes. But just because I can see the mess right in front of my face doesn't mean it's any worse than the mess that's hiding nicely behind pretty houses, picket fences, and "put together" families. I'm determined to love without fear, without judgement, without pretense, without condition. 


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Roly Poly Chub Chub. Zara Jayne. Chub Chub baby. We love her : ) 
She is so very sweet. 
At 5 months she… 
is wearing 6-9 month clothes
rolls around like a pro
stares at our food like a vulture
loves bath time
is smitten with Neal
things anything Selah and Maddox do is just hilarious, she's always giggling at them
has the chubbiest most wonderful thighs
is easy going most of the time
wakes up once or twice at night but in general sleeps great
loves to be outside and just stares at everything around her


Sunday, August 24, 2014

She's four. I can hardly believe she's so big. She's so adventurous, so girly, so wild and free. We love her so much. She teaches us how to be humble. She teaches us how to enjoy the simplest things. She teaches us how to laugh : ) She loves all things pink, getting dirty, and laughing with her friends. She kindly and gently cares for her brother and sister and is always willing to help Mommy. She's stubborn and feels each emotion fiercely and seriously. She's independent. She's strong. This year we've loved watching her ride her bike, learn how to be a good friend, share selflessly with her siblings, perfect her alphabet and counting skills and sing her little heart out whenever she so desires. She dances through her days and we are thankful for her goofy smile and crazy antics : )


Saturday, August 2, 2014

This little man is so great. We adore him. He's full of life and cuddles and craziness! He's such a big boy already, I can hardly believe it's been two years since we first saw his face. 

He's a tank. Super solid and built so differently than our string bean Selah.

He sweetly answers "nuffing" whenever I ask him what he's doing : )

In the last few months he's gone from calling Selah "Ya Ya" to "Say Sa" and now sometimes he actually says Selah. 

He loves to wrestle with Daddy.

His favorite pastimes in the car include yelling at me until I acknowledge that he saw an airplane or squealing with delight when he sees someone "building stuff".

He eats like a machine…so muuuucchhhhh foooooood.

Two of the most important items in our house are his blue blanket and his green water cup.

He is still so very snuggly. He still always wants to hold my hair. His two fingers are still always in his mouth.

He loves to pretend with Selah that they are riding horses, making pizza etc

He only has one volume. Loud. He is very offended if you ever ask him to be more quiet.

He talks. A lot. I'm constantly impressed with his vocabulary. Selah was still so quiet at 2 years old so it's new for us to have a little chatterbox on our hands.

He likes to read books…mostly he likes he rip books : (

He just loves Zara. He's super sweet with her…most of the time ; ) 

He's our tender one. Always asking if someone is okay, always quick to say "I love you" and offer a kiss or hug.

I love having a little boy. I love watching him with Neal. I love watching him grow. 

Two years old! Me oh my.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Selah took a ballet class for the first time this year. I haven't posted much, if anything, about it. We had a great experience! I've never danced in my life and really had no idea what to expect. She learned a lot, and it was fun to watch her grow. We watched her focus improve sooo much and she made some sweet little friends. Overall we loved it. We're taking a break this year after buying the house and because we joined a homeschool co-op and I don't want to pile our plate before fall even begins. She loved it so much though so my guess is that we'll start again next fall. I HIGHLY recommend the school we went with, let me know and I'll message you the information if you want it. The environment was loving and wholesome and every teacher that I encountered really cared for her students. We loved it. 

Sweet Selah, she surprised us at her recital! She did more of her little routine than she had all year. We were so proud of her…I cried : ) She's so big!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

This little one is so loved. She is my easiest baby yet, always happy, always smiling. 
She plays with toys. She rolls over. She coos and giggles. She's growing growing growing!
She wears 6-9 month clothes, in fact, a lot of what she wears are things that Selah wore around a year old : )
She's our first baby to love a pacifier...woohoo! Soothe baby soothe! 
It's funny, I feel like with Selah I always had a million things to say about her as she grew but with baby #3 a month goes by and I think to myself "well, she does normal baby things I think...and um...she's cute". That's about all I've got : ) But oh we love her so.