Friday, March 7, 2014

When we became pregnant with our third we planned on putting Selah and Maddox on bunk beds and the crib would be used for the baby. Once we started looking into options we realized that what I had in my mind just didn't exist. Everything was too big, too clunky and too tall! We eventually settled on a low loft bed from Ikea, bought one on Craig's List, and assembled it. Once it was up I hated it. It took over the entire room and just made everything feel cramped and uncomfortable. So I headed off to Pinterest and tried to see if anyone else had run into this problem. We needed a bunk bed that was smaller than twin size. Do they even exist? Yes they do, but unless you want to pay $600-$800 for a toddler size bunk from the few companies that make them, you're stuck. So I thought we should just build one. Bless Neal…he jumped on board and we made a plan. I decided I liked how the Ikea bed was set up (with a low loft and a floor bed for the smaller child) and I found another blogger who had made one for her little girls. Lucky me! Her post can be found here. We used that basic plan with a few changes. As you can see from the pictures, I chose not to put solid boards on the top (and we still need to put the rails on one end). I like that ours is open and airy and still safe. Here are the cuts that we used:

4@52" (long sides)
4@48" (posts)
8@27" (short sides)
1@46.5" (post for ladder)
3@14" (ladder rungs)
2@36.5" (upper bunk side rail)
11@10.25" (rails for the top bunk)

12@28.5" (mattress supports)

We had a few issues with the assembly but ended up using little corner braces to secure some of the rails. This project ended up taking basically all day (it wouldn't take nearly as much time if half of the team wasn't nine months pregnant and if there weren't screaming babies running around). Let me know if you have any questions (if you ever want to make one), we learned a lot and would probably be much more efficient if we made it a second time. We laughed our way through it for the most part. Neal and I both really love building things. At the same time, we don't really do it much (or ever). The bed isn't perfect : ) It has some silly mistakes and a few cosmetic things that I pretend not to notice but over all I LOVE IT. I have a thing for natural, unfinished wood and clean, simple lines. It speaks to me. I'm sure most people would want to paint it, or stain it, or add something frilly but not this Mama. I'm super happy with it just the way it is. I'm pretty sure the little Marcelluses like it as well since they're sleeping soundly in their new beds as I type : ) 

Maddox is so sweet on his little bed. I like that it's on the floor. He can get into it easily and it's nice for playing too. When he was in his crib I had some art up on the wall where he couldn't reach but I'm a bit stumped as to what to do with it now. I want each of their little spaces to reflect them. At the same time he'll break, rip, ruin, tear, or throw anything that's within reach. I was thinking of a really secure mirror and maybe some vinyl things (as long as he doesn't peel them off of the wall). Any ideas?


  1. This is soooo cool Natasha! I'm so proud of you guys! Way to go! I feel like I so often get stumped and "give up" when I realize most of the kid/baby stuff I like is UBER expensive. I need to get crafty! What size mattress are they using?

  2. How much did it end up costing?

  3. The wood cost about $30. We didn't have a drill so we bought one for $30. We borrowed a table saw from a friend and then we probably spent an additional $20 or so on screws, drill bits, and a few little L brackets. It was a super affordable project!